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Maurice Nelson- Mortgage Loan Officer, Dallas, TX

I’ve been in the mortgage business for 14 years and she has taught me so much on the real estate side till this day I’m blown away at her knowledge. I work with hundreds of Realtors throughout the state and DeLisa remains at the top. I’ve had the pleasure of working with DeLisa for over 6 years and I’ve witnessed a marvel in front of me. I’ve referred her to numerous family members and friends and she her service is consistent. Her knowledge and expertise in this business is second to none. Our first meeting was on the phone with a first time homebuyer that was completely frustrated about the home buying process. They had worked with other lenders and other agents and they were ready to give up and renew their existing lease. DeLisa asked them not to give up and to give her a chance to help. They instilled their trust in her. DeLisa dedicated an entire weekend with them searching for the right home and we closed in less than 2 weeks. She has an uncanny ability to know how the market sways, document compliance, knowledge of of all aspects of the real estate transaction; lending, title issues, values and more. Most importantly DeLisa gets to know and understand her clients and she represents them and negotiates for them as if they were her own family members. Not too many Realtors know what it takes to get a borrower closed, many write offers, but DeLisa Rose actually gets deals closed for her clients.